GunBunny – 3D Side Scroller

//GunBunny – 3D Side Scroller

“Gunbunny is a platform style RPG, in the MetroidVania genre, which focuses on the storyline and character development of starship engineer Aurora Juno, and follows her difficult journey into heroism. While she is the focus of the story, you will also have the opportunity to play in the storyline of both her allies and her enemies.”

We worked with a very talented artist that wants to learn more about Unreal Engine 4. We are coding with him and same time explaining him what to code and how to code it.
He made a lot of progress since we first worked together, we hope that he will finish that game soon !

Here is a video of the actual state of the game, the tutorial room is still in progress :

And a video from the creator :

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