VR Game for Advertising campaign

//VR Game for Advertising campaign

That Game was created for an event in LIMA (Perou) for an Advertising campaign for “PEX” 


The scope was to make a VR advertisement campaign for an automatic car parking payment system.

The game is made for HTC VIVE, people are attracted with Virtual Reality (who isn’t curious about it theses days?)

The game is very short, simple & easy to handle, it allow any people who never tried any VR game to directly understand the rules :

* Hit the cars that doesn’t have the PEX membership and allow the others to go in Larcomar’s parking !

We did all the programming part, artistic direction was made by Fabito Rychter 

Here is a short movie during production, the game was made to be easy at the beginning to let the new users getting their marks with VR : We had to kick the cars that didn’t had the PEX parking system, and let go the cars with it. The game length was around 5min, in the last minute, there was so many car that the player cannot handle the waves, and the last one was only made of car with the PEX parking system, with the text “It’s easier with PEX”.

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