VR Mulitplayer Game : Shadowcore

//VR Mulitplayer Game : Shadowcore

Shadowcore was a VR Game available on Steam – 

Our team worked on the entire programming of the game, from networking to UI logic, The management of the entire remote team (From Europe, to USA & China), the marketing & recruiting.
The artistic team has a very nice background in Video Game Industry, they worked on Call Of Duty, Wolfenstein, Counter Strike… they have very interesting maps concept that they work on to create a Fun game to play.

So far the game is a 5vs5 players, with 3 classes & 2 different modes :

  • King of hill
  • Capture the flag

VR game is way more different than a normal FPS, the VR Grammar is still yet to be written. We had a very good idea on the Sniper Scope that you need to try !

For the programming the interesting part was to see the body of the players to create a better VR experience. We had a lot of fun doing replication, it was another challenge that we faced but we managed to master it.


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