Fun VR-Farm

//Fun VR-Farm

Fun VR Farm, is a simple game for novices who wants to discover VR with a nice and peaceful environment and with simple mechanics : Take care of the farm give the animal’s their favorite food and water, clean the animals, make quests for the farmers, sell food you collect to the town in order to Unlock over 15 cute animals !
You can gather food on the ground, in the trees, at the Mill… Bring back lost animals, selling food to shops.

VR Features : Touchpad walk, jump, climb, grab objects

You can purchase the game here on Steam :

The game release interested over 150 users in the first week – We also opened a Twitter account for the promotion of it :
The traffic was mostly coming from Steam itself, We where quite disappointed in Facebook Ads, it didn’t gave any profit, but we used a 15€ free trial so nothing was spent on Advertisement !


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