Fun Christmas Santa – Android

//Fun Christmas Santa – Android

Fun Christmas Santa ! For Android 

Download : 
It took me around 2 weeks to make it in during free time~~ with Unreal Engine 4.
I finally managed to be visible on some keywords like "Santa" after understanding how everything works. 
I had to have a good description with a lot of targeted "keywords" & a lot of installs / Downloads in order to start to appear in the research, or else you just don't exist !
It's interesting how this market isn't made for "Indies" that can't spend money on Ads.
My mindset, is that if you believe in your product, you should invest in it, with ads. 
After for sure it's hard to compete against "companies" or "publishers" that can spend a lot of money and reach the top in few days.
The weakness of my project/experience is that it's built with UE4, and some phones wont be able to run it ! That's also why most of the game I see on top, are particularly ugly, in 2D etc, but at least it works on everyone's phone !
Although, I'm betting that soon, most of phones will be powerful enough to run any games, so I'm not too worried. 

In order to be able to promote the game on "Google Ads", I was forced to rename the game that was originally written with an "Emoticon" on it (? Fun Christmas Santa)
Google ads is very expensive, specially if you target USA Installs ! Here I'm targeting mostly "Christians" Country (it's a Christmas game eh...)

Facebook ads was pretty useless, in terms of download, but good for your “image”. Reddit ads are quite good as well, but expensive.

I'll continue investing in ads until December, and see if I'll get organic installs during that period of time !
I'm also preparing a small "VR" version, in order to re-use assets I bought for the mobile game, to cover the costs of that experience, that who knows, might not work ! 

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