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Goldfever ! Crypto Play to Earn Survival game - NFT & Crypto Dev

I devoted over a year to that fantastic project, and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it, especially since I've been all about NFT games and projects for the past two years. Playing games without a hint of crypto felt like a distant past. NFTs, the ultimate path to earning something tangible, captured my attention.

Gold Fever presented a plethora of ideas that struck a chord with me. It's an Online Survival MMO, a play-to-earn game, set on the Polygon Blockchain! Players with NFTs could lease them out and set up shops for fellow gamers. Naturally, they'd receive a percentage of the earnings generated by their NFTs. This ingenious setup allowed them to turn their investments into a steady stream of revenue.

We received quite an exciting proposition after unveiling our ENJIN plugin, developed in collaboration with a dear friend of mine. This plugin exposed the inner workings of the ENJIN Blockchain through C++ and Blueprint. At the time, ENJIN hadn't officially released its C++ support, let alone exposed it through Blueprint. That's the intriguing origin story of our creation, the 'EnjAPIQuery Plugin.' I might just write an article about it. We proudly released it on the Unreal Engine Marketplace :

When I joined GoldFever, I assumed the role of collaborating with my friend, the mastermind behind C++ blueprint callable functions directly linked to the blockchain logic crafted by another team. They were the architects of crypto contracts and logic, while my friend's expertise lay in translating that into C++, and I was responsible for implementing the logic in Blueprint within the game.

As we delved into testing, we uncovered a fascinating challenge. Sometimes, elements were amiss in the C++, but occasionally, there were gaps in the crypto part. It led to a spirited back-and-forth process. On top of all this, we had the added thrill of working in a multiplayer environment and the ever-present need to fortify security. After all, in the realm of crypto games, the specter of hacks is an all too common visitor.

In my role, I took charge of : NFT trading between players within the game. While it was already possible to trade NFTs through the website, the team had a vision of incorporating this feature into the game itself. What made this endeavor truly captivating was the visual insight provided by Blueprint. It allowed us to dive deep into the code and revealed crucial missing variables required to make everything function seamlessly. The intricacies of orchestrating an NFT trade are nothing short of amazing! Unfortunately, I can't reveal too much here, for security reasons, anyway the code has continued to evolve...

NGL & JULS Trade between player & NPC : In the world of GoldFever, we ventured into the exciting realm of NGL and JULS trading. NGL, the in-game crypto token, served as the lifeblood for transactions like boat rentals, seamlessly compensating NFT owners. Now, JULS, it was like the turbocharged sibling of NGL, designed for lightning-fast trading without the need to wait for blockchain approvals. It was essentially the game's own spin on a tradable currency.

Trading with NGL often meant dancing to the rhythm of blockchain responses, a process that could vary depending on congestion. And let's not forget about the ever-present fees, which GoldFever generously covered, adding a layer of financial intrigue to our adventures.

Boat/Plane Renting : Ahoy there! Picture this: players embarking on exciting adventures by checking out the roster of available rentable planes and boats. They'd grab a ticket for their next thrilling ride. But, mind you, it was no simple feat. We had to weave a web of intricate logic, like notifying players when the last seat on the plane had been taken or kindly informing them that their pockets weren't deep enough for the journey. It was a delicate dance of possibilities and challenges!

UI, Database & Crypto : Item out of stocks, timers

Park your mount/boats/planes : Imagine that: You're not just a rider; you're a responsible mount owner! In GoldFever, we had the delightful feature of parking your trusty steed, boat, or plane and making it available for rent. And guess what? There were sweet discounts in store for those who had snagged certain perks in the website. Behind the scenes, we toiled extensively with a nifty database, DynamoDB, to keep everything running smoothly. After all, in the world of crypto gaming, even the stables need a touch of digital magic!

Ah, the joys of playtesting and debugging in our vast game world! It was an adventure in itself. You see, in a colossal environment like ours, even the tiniest tweak could send ripples across the entire game.

Some dramatic twist - we were using GitHub! Now, don't get me wrong, GitHub is fabulous, but for a mammoth project like ours in Unreal Engine, it could be a bit of a challenge. I had this grand vision of shifting to P4V, but alas, the team was so massive that making the change would've had our wallets wailing in despair. So, we soldiered on with Git, enduring a few hair-pulling moments. You know, the classic 'people accidentally breaking each other's work. It's a tale of what could have been, but hey, we made it work!

Sadly, the crypto crash hit hard, and I found myself bidding "adieu" to GoldFever. It was a time of belt-tightening, and the team had to trim down its ranks. At that point, I'd already woven the fabric of all the functions needed for the game. Others could now take a peek at how things were crafted and continue implementing additional features that had cropped up along the way, from Guilds to Arena battles and beyond. It's the ever-evolving nature of the game development world! GoldFever's journey to launch on MainNet in December 2023 is filled with excitement and anticipation. I wholeheartedly extend my best wishes to the team. This project stands out as one of the most honest endeavors I've had the pleasure of working on in the crypto world. It's especially commendable to see the CEO's unwavering patience and boundless passion. His dedication truly deserves the success that lies ahead. Here's to a prosperous future for GoldFever ❤️

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