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Santa & Open AI - PlayStore Release

I've launched "3D Santa Interactive AI Chat" on the Android PlayStore. It's powered by the magic trio of Unreal Engine, OpenAI, and AWS.

Here's the cool part: AI Santa has a memory like an elephant! 🐘 Tell him your name and your Christmas wishes, and voila – he'll remember them. Imagine chatting with Santa who really knows you!

The tech behind this? I'm using AWS Lambda to ferry your messages to OpenAI and back. The responses are then transformed into speech, thanks to Meta's voice commands. A tiny hiccup: no lip-syncing yet, as it's not Android-friendly without a 24/7 server, and well, we've got to keep an eye on those costs, right? 🚀 But hey, I'm all about innovation, so stay tuned for future upgrades.

My vision is big and my code is scalable. This means more themes and genres are on their way! 🌟 I will probably add one with "Jesus" after the release of my new game "Jesus Uncrossed" probably on March 2024 !

And who better to test this than my own kids? They've been telling Santa their Christmas lists and, well, occasionally explaining those not-so-nice moments. 😝

🎄 Heads up! The launch of "3D Santa Interactive AI Chat" on the Android PlayStore might have been a tad behind schedule, but hey, better late than never, right? 😅 You know how it is – navigating the approval maze can be more unpredictable than Santa's route on Christmas Eve! 🎅✨ I will take 2024 to do SEO and rank it up for next christmas, and take time to do a video & better screenshots.

I will also probably try to take time to update my VR Santa Game and add AI in there, where you will be able to talk to Santa with Lip Synch this time !

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