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VR ShowRoom - Physical based VR, and Eco Score calculation

In the realm of luxury brand packaging, a quest for innovation led to the creation of a VR Showroom – a virtual oasis for their exquisite products. My journey commenced with the challenge of crafting a system that would unzip containers, from the elegance of boxes to the grace of bottles, all within the immersive embrace of Oculus. It was a demanding task, where realism was paramount.

Objects had to dance and collide with each other in the virtual world, and hands had to find their way, fingers positioned with precision, mirroring the natural grace of human touch. All this, without resorting to labor-intensive item-specific animations. Instead, the magic lay in the physics of the experience.

Then came the enigma of the "ZIP." I wielded the power of the Unreal Mesh modifier plugin, version 5.1, to create a mesmerizing "Bend" effect, akin to what one might craft in 3DSMAX.

I had to do some few back & forth with the 3D to have a good mesh to work with, since we wanted to have some pieces to be movable in VR.

Early stage : a very simple collision & snap :

I also made a small test to port this in "PC" version, but we sticked to VR.

Later it has been requested to have the choice between "collide based" opening but to have a rotation angle to open the container


Enter the Eco Score, the eco-conscious heartbeat of this endeavor.

I summoned C++ to give birth to a child of the physical material, enriching it with attributes that would make even Mother Nature proud. This material was then bestowed upon our 3D wonders.

The eco score had to reflect cards in hands, while I flip the hand in a certain degree; when we look at the cards with our head it was displaying the card on top of the others. We also had other information's to display like the "Production, Transportation, Design, Recycle.

Like always I make my things modular & scalable where we enter the data of the "cheese" and it changes, and we could just give the reference of the pot so it loads the score automatically.

On the process I also had the chance to try to test the Oculus without controller and send a prototype; but it was a lot of limitation & binding that we lost if we do not have the buttons input so it reduces the interactions. I also made some test to put the project in Oculus Quest, but the quality isn't there since they where aiming for a realistic render of their products for their clients.

Overall it was a great experience, lot of challenge, it was my latest work in VR in 2023, so far!

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