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Unreal Adventures in 2023: Pixel Stream, Metahumans, and a Touch of AI"

Hey there, fellow virtual explorer! Buckle up as we take a wild ride through my Unreal 2023 adventures.

I kicked off the year by infiltrating the French Start-Up scene at Versity. Not only did I unlock the Pixel Streaming secrets, but I joined forces with a stellar sales team and the 3D wizards, helping them raise millions of €.

But the real fun began when I hopped on board with "Catches." These folks are out to revolutionize the fashion game, and they're doing it with Unreal Engine, Metahumans, and a sprinkle of pixel streaming magic. I'm eagerly watching to see where this couture adventure takes us.

Now, let's talk VR. I crafted an entire system of showroom for cosmetic packaging designers, making products shine like never before. It's been a while I didn't had a VR project actually. But let's be real, I didn't miss constantly puting the VR headset during programming time 😄

Speaking of exhausting (in a good way), 2023 seems to be the year of AI domination! I dabbled in the art of Twitch with an OpenAI-connected character, turning my voice comments into text and sending them to OpenAI, and make her answer back with a bit of a funny personality (quitly inspired of "Wednsday Adams") Stay tuned for a detailed blog article on this adventure.

Of course, I couldn't neglect my goal to always release a game every year. And with the help of my trusty collaborator and Padawan, Bryan Maillet, aka, Agentfufu, we embarked on a journey that would rival even the most epic of quests : "Jesus Uncrossed." A game that's all about choices – will Jesus turn the other cheek or grab some heavenly firepower? It's a divine project that I really wanted to do, specially since I saw that SLN video but also "Les Inconnus" some great french comedian with their "Jesus II the return". Check out the Patreon & Steam Page, and stay tuned for a more in-depth look in another article !

#Mylife This summer, I had the chance to go to Korea, ah, what an inspiring place! Discovering my wife's roots and introducing my half-Korean daughter to her heritage was an unforgettable journey. That also inspired me to make a special mobile game, but It's a secret for now ! Also it would be horrible to not mention that 2023 also gave us Baldur's Gate 3, and that game made me fall in love in gaming again. I wasn't playing much but this one is really something, trully inspiring with all the theses dialogues & posibilities. I am happy to not have missed it.

As for the future, more detailed articles are on the horizon, and who knows, maybe I'll be diving into your project next. If you're in need of some Unreal wisdom or just want to chat about the latest in pixel streaming, Metaverse, AI, or anything else, you know where to find me!

Stay Unreal, my friends, and keep those pixels sparkling! 💫🎮

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