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Welcome to my Unreal World

CyberPunk Character with Headset

About Me :

👾 Unreal Guru: With over a decade of Unreal Engine wizardry under my belt, I've conjured up VR experiences, PC games, and software that can rival any enchanted realm.

🏡 Real Estate Enthusiast: I don't just build games; I create immersive real estate projects that teleport you to your dream home, even before it exists.

🎮 Indie Game Maven: I'm not just a developer; I created Five indie games, 80K units sold - 

🛠️ Craftsman of Code: My code is my wand, and I wield it with finesse. From pixels to polygons, I transform ideas into digital realities.

💡 Innovation Architect: I don't follow trends; I set them. I'm not here to create the future; I'm here to make it epic. I participated to Two Metaverse projects with over 12M€ raised. (Netvrk/Versity) 

🔮 Visionary Dreamer: I see what others can't. I dream what others won't. And then, I bring those dreams to life in Unreal.

🚀 Join My Journey: Want to embark on an epic quest in the world of Unreal? Hop on board, and together, we'll create digital masterpieces that defy imagination.

ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
ShadowCore VR - Multiplayer on Steam
Fun Christmas Santa VR
Fun Christmas Santa VR
Fun Christmas Santa VR
Fun Christmas Santa VR
Fun Christmas Santa Mobile
Sex & Gun PC Version
Sex & Gun VR
Sex & Gun VR
Sex & Gun VR
Sex & Gun VR Top Seller !
DogeCoin Mobile Game
ATURD - Abuser Escape
ATURD - Abuser Escape
Jesus Uncrossed
Jesus Uncrossed


Here are the latest work I did in 2023

Unreal Adventures at Versity: Transforming Ideas into Reality

December 2022 - September 2023

In the realm of Versity, I stood as the lone Unreal Engine sorcerer, armed with code, creativity, and a dash of magic. Alongside me, a trio of exceptionally talented 3D artists wielded their artistry to bring the digital world to life.

🌟 A Lightning Start at CES Vegas: We wasted no time. Within weeks, we conjured a prototype of our ambitious project and unveiled it at the grand stage of CES in Las Vegas. Our creation was met with awe and wonder, setting the stage for something extraordinary.

🚀 Migrating to Pixel Streaming: As our journey continued, our project embarked on a transformative journey of its own. We harnessed the power of Pixel Streaming, transcending boundaries and making our creation accessible to audiences far and wide.

🎮 Venturing into the Multiplayer Abyss: With unwavering determination, we delved into the depths of multiplayer. Challenges met us at every turn, mastering the art of AWS and Gamelift in the process.

💰 The Spark of Prosperity: A testament to the brilliance of the project and the dedication of our talented sales team, we raised a staggering 10 million euros. Our Unreal Engine creation became not just a visual spectacle but a tangible representation of innovation and potential.

📺 Pixel Streaming Unleashed: We didn't stop there. Pixel Streaming became our ally, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and seamlessly transitioning between mobile and PC interfaces, all with a mere wave of our virtual wand.

Redefining Online Fashion Shopping with Unreal Engine Magic

May 2023, Present - Lead Dev

👗 Fashion Like Never Before: Catches is a groundbreaking startup that's turning the world of online fashion shopping upside down.

🧞‍♂️ Your Avatar, Your Proportions: Say goodbye to guessing your size or settling for "one-size-fits-all." At Catches, we create a personalized avatar just for you, tailored to your unique proportions. Thanks to Unreal Engine's character customizer that we created, it's like having a virtual tailor at your fingertips.

👚 High-Quality Garments, Virtually Yours: Ever wanted to try on high-end fashion from the comfort of your own home? With Catches, I harnessed the power of Pixel Streaming to bring you stunningly detailed garments and avatars, no matter where you are. It's like having a fashion show in your living room.


🌐 Automated Fashion with AWS: Behind the scenes, I've harnessed the might of AWS to automate garment downloads seamlessly.

Copy of Screenshot_Fire_edited.jpg

Indie Game - Personal Project

I am working on an a personal independant project, as I try to always release at least one game per year, to generate passive income but also to continue to progress in Unreal Engine 5. 

"Make choices as Jesus, awaken to a new reality. Unleash divine powers of fire, ice, or electricity. Encounter Pontius Pilate, Cephas, and a torturous prison. Will forgiveness prevail or fury reign? Explore a story you never imagined. Choose your weapons and shape your destiny."


I am aiming to have a double reading in this project, one where you can just take weapons and have a fun experience, or a path where you can forgive and not make violence.  

Wishlist it now on Steam :

In this Project I use a lot AI for making the dialogues & the voices. It's still work in progress. A demo is available on the Patreon Page 


As a programming and project consulting expert, I listen carefully to your project goals and needs before providing professional advice. I will help you identify the most suitable technology to use, based on your project requirements and budget. Trust me to help you bring your project ideas to life, and ensure that they are executed effectively.


Latest Technology


C++, Blueprint

13 Years of experience


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Julien Marchese

Nice, 06000, FRANCE


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